Winter has arrived, which means it’s important for everybody to begin loading up on season-appropriate outfit basics. There are many different styles of hats, but none compare to the beanie. This basic yet beautiful addition is the ideal winter necessity, a must for everybody, regardless of their own style. A beanie can keep your forehead heated, disguise unruly hair, and add a stylish and laid back vibe to your clothing all at the same time.

The various types of beanies are listed below.

1. Beanies with no cuffs

This is a tight beanie that covers the top of the head. They’re usually composed of thin fabric, so you can keep them all day without heating up.

2. Bobble beanies

Bobble beanies with an adorable tassel on top are a hit with young and old alike. They keep you toasty while also making you look casually put-together.

3. Beanies with a hand-woven pattern

These beanies are really cool. These beanies are also known as skull caps. These are worn when the weather is super chilled.

4. Slouchy beanies

Beanies are a trendy choice these days since they provide a bohemian twist to any outfit. They’re loose-fitting and frequently donned with the upper edge slouching over the head.

What’s the best way to wear a beanie?

1. For short or long hair

If you have a short hairstyle, you can wear your beanie all the way around your head. If you have shoulder length hair,you can raise the beanie up to your forehead a little to let some of it show through.

2. For curly hair

Beanies that are looser in shape look great on curly and thick hair. Because curly hair might look hefty beneath thin and compact beanies, it’s better to adhere to patterns that are comfier and broader. Slouchy beanies will look good on such hairstyles.

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