Selecting the finest toys for babies might be difficult, but selecting the proper present for a 1-year-old may be easier than it sounds: this is the time when the package is more interesting than the object underneath. Pulling and tugging, putting stuff together and tearing them separate, and, yes, moving objects in and out of containers are all favourite pastimes at age one.

Here are top 10 best gifts for 1 year old.

1. Tudou Baby Blocks in Mini size

New born babies as early as 6 months can benefit from this product. These soft, resilient, chewy, stacking cubes can also be used to teach 1-year-olds about wildlife, patterns, vegetables, designs, and much more

2. Wishbone Flip Rock and Roll Ride

From the age of one to five, the Wishbone Flip transforms from a rocking chair to a pushing toy to a ride-on and have fun

3. Melissa & Doug Shape-Sorting Cube

This simple wooden pattern allows 1-year-olds to place items into a container and then take them out again, simulating the excitement of opening a gift.

4. Balls in the Zone Tent

For a one-year-old kid, a safe and comfortable tent zone would be an excellent play zone. This is a one-year-old infant gift that can be taken along on modest outings and holidays. Allow the child to be occupied in a comfortable and safe atmosphere by interacting with balls and plush toys.

5. Floating Bath Toys

Bathing is not something that all kids enjoy, and other children despise it. Here are several floating bath toys that make their bubble bath fun and their parents’ lives easier. The bright toys entice the child’s interest, keeping them occupied while you tidy up.

6. Fish catching game

Activities are one way for them to learn about and connect to their environment. This activity of catching fish will help kids focus and develop good coordination skills.

7. Wooden Xylophone

A wooden xylophone will allow children to discover their secret gift and interact with music. It will keep them occupied for a while, allowing you to complete your chores. The toy’s sides are soft, and the object is suitable for youngsters to play with.

8. Musical Rhymes Book

Song is the most effective tool for learning and remembering information. Particularly if it is the child’s initial time learning things. Because their academic adventure is about to begin, it is a great habit to implant in them the practice of learning.

9. Giant Size Teddy Bear

Hugging a colossal stuffed toy gives us a sense of security and warmth. The teddy bear’s fluffy fur is completely safe for the child. You can keep these toys in their bedroom and it will add to the beauty of the space.

10. Hot Wheels Car Gift Set

For many kids, having a fleet of cars is a wonderful experience. This is a fantastic selection of gifts for a one-year-old kid. Once they see these autos, they will jump out of joy.

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