Ideas to Surprise Your Partner

  1. After working with a fun airport pick-up type sign, meet your partner at the train station, bus stop, or driveway.
  2. Record a sweet message to you. If you’re traveling to work or with friends, send a postcard to your partner or buy a fun souvenir.
  3. Wash your partner’s car or have them wash it yourself.
  4. Do work that is usually “their duty” to partners (cleaning hamster cages, matching socks, getting rid of the trash, etc.).
  5. Make your partner’s breakfast in bed. Add a love letter.
  6. Send a message to your partner in an unusual way. B. Mailed to the hotel where he is staying, mailed to his home in the guise of an invoice, via Facebook Messenger, or written in the bathroom mirror with an erasable crayon.
  7. A cup of pre-made coffee and a towel that has just been folded to wake you up and entertain your partner in a bubble bath.
  8. Add a special touch to your partner’s purse, car, gym bag, purse, work bag, diaper bag, or breakfast cereal.
  9. Get up with your child, sneak into the basement, or leave your house in the park to allow your partner to sleep.
  10. Book haircuts, pedicures, massages, tea times, or other self-care for your partner.
  11. Take your child on a trip and give your partner time alone.
  12. Take home flowers, your partner’s favorite ice cream, or your partner’s favorite food for no reason.
  13. Think about what your partner really enjoys, whether it’s grilling, playing soccer, going to a hardware store, or watching a spy movie. Choose a personalized surprise that “matches” or “feeds” your partner’s great passion.
  14. Think of something meaningful from the “old days” you were working with, and then make a surprise. If you like Mexican breakfast, invite your partner to Huevos Rancheros. If you like watching baseball games together, buy a ticket.
  15. Appear at your partner’s workplace and have lunch or dinner with them.

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