If you want to improve your conversations and flirtation skills then following are some tips for you to flirt online.

1. Start the conversation with something interesting

You need to have something to talk to a person you want to talk with. Don’t start a conversation with a simple ‘hey’ or ‘what’s up’ because it won’t give a flow to the conversation.

2. Be playful

It is not easy to define flirting and usually people look for a connection to create some kind of electricity. Let your sense of humour and playfulness flow through the text and just be yourself. If the other person doesn’t find it funny then they are better off with someone else.

3. Respond from time to time

Flirting is done right when you respond to the messages when you see them. It is a way of showing the other person that you are enjoying the conversation between you two.

4. Be the one to end the conversation

You can leave the other person wanting for more when you end the flirtatious conversation. It is good to end the conversation before it loses its high and let them think about you.

5. Don’t overshare

You don’t have to share each and every detail about your life story because no one needs it. It’s more of a blurting than flirting.

6. Sometimes compliment the person

Compliments give you the opportunity to talk more. However, giving out way too many compliments may seem obsessive or even creepy.

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