Virgo women are charming, creative, strong, loyal, exciting and are really fun to be around. However they are a bit picky when it comes to dating.

Here are the tips to date a Virgo woman.

1. Make sure to put your best foot forward

A Virgo woman cannot be swayed or charmed by passion easily. She is way too practical about who she dates and if she applies a critical eye on you, don’t get offended.

2. Dress carefully

If the woman you are dating has immaculately tailored clothing then you need to put in extra effort in the way you dress up. Take a cue of her fashion sense and try to match it with her level of casual and elegant wear.

3. Be punctual

If she possesses the true qualities of a Virgo, then it might be difficult for her to overcome the first impression. When you are late or held up due to certain reasons then contact her and let her know about it.

4. Groom yourself well

Positive visual impression is also important if you want to date a Virgo woman. You need to take care of your appearance by taking a shower, combing your hair and spraying some deodorant.

5. Be patient

Even though Virgos have inner passion, they are way too reserved around people and so do not get discouraged by lack of enthusiasm or spark. Work on winning her on a second date where she’d be more comfortable with you.

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