Virgo men make impressive dates due to their perfectionism. However, it is not easy to get to know them due to their shy nature.

Here are the tips to date a Virgo Man.

1. First be friends with the Virgo man you are interested in.

Virgo men like to know what they are getting themselves into and they are not the passionate types who are ready to jump in the bed. Make him know that you are a real deal and you’d get him interested in you.

2. Keep your looks simple

Virgo men prefer natural beauty and so if you are planning to date one, then you need to adapt to being simple. Virgos expect their partners to be real and not fake. They like good things but brands and other accessories mean nothing to them.

3. Be clean and tidy

Virgo men like neat and clean settings and if he happens to walk in on your messy room, then he probably won’t be coming back anytime soon. You need to maintain your personal hygiene and groom yourself well.

4. Be forward

Virgo men are not direct and therefore you need to be straightforward. He needs to know for sure that you are into him before he takes any actions because no one likes rejection.

5. He may need reassurance

Virgo men tend to live in their head and so they unconsciously become insecure. During such times, he may need reassurance. Always be welcoming and give him some push.

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