Breakups are the dark side of the wonderful emotion called love. The more you love someone, the greater will be your despair after the person goes away from you. However, since you love them, you always try to think about your partner’s happiness and let them go. You decide to become the bigger person and accept that the relationship is beyond repair. However no matter how understanding and calm you are, you will never be able to remove your ex out of your mind. You cannot erase all the sweet-bitter memories you made with them. If you left the relationship on good terms, you might still consider being friends after the breakup. There is nothing wrong with being friends with your ex. However, you have to take of few things so that you don’t hurt yourself or create a mess in yours as well as your ex’s life. Here are steps you should follow to be friends with your ex after a breakup –

  • Keep the breakup clean – If you need to have any desire for reviving a kinship with your ex, the main activity ensures your separation is keeping it clean and clear under the circumstances that it can help cause the recuperating cycle to go all the more easily. That implies attempting to abstain from speaking gravely about them, getting into terrible battles or expressing pernicious things you probably won’t mean. Keep no hard feelings for each other in your mind.
  • Avoid checking on them on social media – Sometimes you might get bored and wish to see or check up on your ex given that you spent most of your time with them. It requires a ton of self-control to try not to follow your ex’s web-based media. It’s unfortunate, and quieting them on social media will help. Consider the number of more beneficial, sound exercises you could be doing as opposed to following your ex via web-based media.
  • Spend time apart – Don’t get into the friendship phase with your ex right away. Spend some time apart from your ex and give yourself some time to overcome your sadness and grief of losing them. If you jump into being friends with your ex right away, you will easily develop strong feelings of affection for them again which can be problematic given that you decided to stay apart. Go on a vacation somewhere or for a trek to refresh your mind.
  • Help but not so much – Helping someone is always a good thing. However, when it comes to your ex, you have to be careful since you don’t wish to cross the boundaries where you both start catching feelings for each other. Also, try to help them when they need and not when they want. You are not their partner anymore and hence you should help them accordingly without going out of your way.
  • Don’t flirt – It is understandable that you still find them cute, beautiful, sexy or adorable but still all you can do about it is just give them a casual compliment. You can’t try to flirt with them since it will build up one-sided feelings. If you think that you should be friends with your ex, you have to treat them like one. You generally won’t flirt or hit on your friends and similarly, you should not flirt with your ex.

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