Marriage, children, careers, and extracurricular activities keep today‚Äôs modern households busy. And, regardless of our best intentions to get everything done, there simply isn’t enough time in the day to be with the family we’re supporting. This is particularly true for parents who work full time.

But, isn’t it self-centred and impractical to want time with yourself and time alone with your partner? That isn’t the situation at all, in fact. In reality, getting away from the children and enjoying time alone with your partner leads to a healthier relationship, a better family, and even better-adjusted kids.

So here are some tips for busy parents to get time for self-love.

1. Have a good laugh.

The best part is that happy laughter produces the same brain wave patterns as contemplative states. When you’re giggling or relaxing, you’re more likely to feel satisfied, clear, and focused. So, contact a buddy and tell them about the most embarrassing thing your kid said, search up some internet memes, or watch one of your favourite comedies.

2. Bring out your inner child.

Making time for fun is another self-care habit that receives little recognition. Consider what you used to do for pleasure as a kid. It may seem stupid initially, but aim to channel your inner kid and remember the powerful message you’re delivering to your kids: that life isn’t always about achieving a goal, and that having a bit of fun is vital as well.

3. Take a break.

Emphasizing sleep aids in emotion regulation, allowing us to be peaceful and more empathetic with our family members, including one self. If you’re having trouble sleeping soundly, look into relaxation techniques. After the kids are asleep, we often deal with the temptation to have more “alone time” at the cost of our own health. Find a good balance for yourself but make sleeping a priority at least a few nights per week.

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