Is your marriage crumbling because you have suspicions that a woman at work is flirting with your husband? You notice a woman becoming very friendly with your husband at work, and you have a gut sense that her intentions with him aren’t right.

If you’re not sure if this woman is flirting with your husband at work, start looking for indicators and be certain before addressing him. Once you have sure shot signs that prove your doubt, here are a few things you must do when a woman flirts with your man

Be nice

Being disrespectful to her or chasing her down to confront her would only make you look like a crazy insecure wife. Instead, be pleasant to her and make her feel uncomfortable.

Pretend to be her best friend and spend more time with her outside of work than she does with your husband. This will make her feel uneasy, and she will become enraged.

Speak with your husband

Your husband might be suspicious of her motives as well.  Keep in mind that he is the one who is being victimized. Inquire if he is aware that she is flirting with him, and how he feels about it.  Assist him in comprehending the situation, and then consider how you may work together to resolve it.

Work on your relationship

Begin to pay more attention to your relationship. When a window of opportunity presents itself, women are more likely to flirt with guys. If this lady is flirting with your husband, she will try to exploit the lack of spark or the constant arguments between you and your spouse.

You must begin focusing on your marriage in order to rekindle the smoldering flame. Make it clear to your partner that you love and appreciate him. Give your marriage a little extra oomph.

Have faith in your husband

The most important thing to remember here is to trust your partner. Tell him how you feel about the issue and that you trust him regardless of what happens. If he is innocent, he will be relieved that his wife has confided in him.

If he begins to reciprocate the woman’s flirtation, he will begin to feel guilty about it and will break up with her. You must have faith in him and ensure that he is aware of this.

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