Flirting is considered common by many people. But for some, it can be really uncomfortable, and when it comes to their partner they can be really irritated if someone flirts with their partner. So if you are one of them who can’t stand anyone flirting with your partner, there are various ways you can take care of it and deal with it.

Here are the things to take care of when someone is flirting with your man

1. If It’s Mild, Let It Be

If it’s someone who has no impact on your life, somebody who you’re just interacting with for a short time and the flirting is mild and the person is just doing it in a fun way, then the best option might be to let it go.

2. If It’s overt or repetitive, that’s a larger problem

But there are some times when flirting can be a big problem, and if the person flirting with your boyfriend is someone you see a lot, that’s going to make things problematic. If the person does too much, and you feel like you can’t handle it anymore then talk to that person and try to end it then and there.

3. Tell your partner what you think and feel

It’s also possible that your partner gets uncomfortable after unwanted hints, but they get nervous or don’t know how to stop the comments. And they might not be aware that the same situation is irritating you as well, so they will decide to keep silent. So it is your responsibility to talk to your partner and tell him how you feel about it and try to figure out the situation.

4. Take possession of your boyfriend

When someone starts flirting with your boyfriend, let her know he’s your boyfriend by physically touching him. By wrapping your arm around his shoulders, or holding his hand, or leaning your head on his shoulder. These subtle actions will tell her to back off.

5. See if your partner flirts back

When someone flirts with your man, see whether he flirts back to that person. And if he does, then you need to talk to him and make him realize that it is making you uncomfortable and you should tell him to stop that kind of behavior.

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