Individuals who have suffered trauma may struggle to build and sustain relationships as a result of emotions of guilt, shame, and self-blame. They may also battle with trust difficulties, believing that they can’t rely on people or that they will be wounded in the end. These sentiments can present themselves in a variety of ways, ranging from avoiding closeness and distance in relationships to being too reliant on partners.

Trauma can also cause communication issues, since people may struggle to articulate their thoughts or comprehend the sentiments of others. They may also encounter difficulties.

Individuals who have suffered trauma should seek support in working through their prior experiences and addressing how they may be hurting their current relationships. Therapy may be a helpful tool in this process because it can help people understand the underlying reasons of their problems and acquire new coping techniques.

Individuals in present relationships may also benefit from couples counseling, as it may help them learn to communicate more effectively and work through trust concerns. It can also be good for partners to educate themselves on the impact of trauma and how it may be impacting their loved one.

Finally, past traumas can have a substantial influence on contemporary relationships. Individuals must seek treatment to address these concerns, and partners must educate themselves and support their loved ones. Individuals may move over their prior traumas and develop healthy and happy relationships with the correct tools and assistance.

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