If you and your partner are having a day off or spending time together on weekends then instead of scrolling through your phone you can play different games. There are several games that you both can play.

1. The picture game

Make this game on your own terms, by adding some romantic touch to it. Take a small cubical box and stick pictures on all sides.

Take turns to throw the box. Your partner has to do what the picture displays. When he throws it, you have to do what the image displays.

2. Drinking Roulette

For this game, you need some drinks, it can be wine and two glasses. Still, it doesn’t necessarily have to be wine. If you guys don’t drink, just get a cold drink of your choice. In this game, one of you will ask a question, and the other one will have to reply with a ‘yes’ or ‘no.’

3. Sink the ship

Sink the ship is a famous fun game for couples. In this game, you have to pour your drink into a shot glass which will be floating in liquid in a bigger glass. What you have to do is not to allow the shot glass to sink.
But you can personalize it a bit to play it romantically. Ask your partner to play the game, and whoever is losing the game has to do what their partner asks them to do.

4. Never Have I Ever

This game is simple to play and it’s a lot of fun to play. If you both are feeling bored then, this is the perfect game to play. Bring a piece of paper or cardboard and write ‘Never’ on one side and ‘I Have’ on the other. And you can ask your partner, whatever you wish.

5. Truth Or Dare

This game never gets old. It can easily be turned into one of the best fun games for you two to play at home. Ask any questions you desire or give any dare you would love your partner to do.

6.  Staring contest

A staring contest may appear like one of those boring games, but it’s not.
If you have been together for a long time, you should surely try playing this game. As looking into the eyes of each other can be a lot romantic.

7. Origami challenge

If you’re looking for something creative to do together, origami can be a great game. Doing fun and creative things together can add more spice to your relationship.

8. Romantic scavenger hunt

You may have heard of a scavenger hunt, then why not play it romantically? Design a hunt and put some cute notes to guide your partner towards the wonderful treatment you have planned for them. It can be a small surprise or a gift for them.

9. Roleplay

Roleplay is an extremely flirty game that you can play in public as well as in private. Look up characters that you and your partner both like and then impersonate to be those characters.
For eg. Characters from some romantic movie.

10. This Or That

This can be an awesome game for getting to know your partner. It is an incredible game to play, particularly in an early relationship, you will get to learn so many new things about your partner.

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