So you like a guy and want to take things further with him. You make the decision to make everything spicy and fiery. You might think of trying to seduce your man through texts.

Here are some ways you can spice it up and seduce your man through texts

1. Flirt

It’s no secret that flirting with a guy is one of the simplest ways to seduce him. Don’t waste your time trying to come up with magical lines that will make him fall in love with you. It’s as simple as being playful and openly flirtatious with him.

2. Let him know

If you want your partner to be turned on and thinking about you, it’s only natural that he wants to know you’re doing the same. So make sure you make him aware that you are thinking of him.

3. Send photos of yourself

Wear anything that you think will catch his eye, then send him a photo of yourself. It does not imply that you must dress in undignified manners. Simply said, put something on that helps you look good. Send him a photo of yourself and inquire about his thoughts on it.

4. Describe your fantasies to him

Drop him a text saying “Hey, I had a sexy dream last night.” You were there.” Build up the suspense. Watch him hound you for the juicy information if you text this to him.

5. Tease him with a photo

Create a sensual atmosphere with candles, wine, a soiled bedsheet, and send it to him. He’ll be treated to a visual feast as a result of this. He’d probably rush to you right away if he saw you.

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