Sending sexually suggestive texts or some explicit messages via text is known as sexting. It may also include pictures, videos, or audio clips along with text messages. Teenagers send sexts either as a joke or because they crave attention. Some sexts are a way of flirting or maintaining intimacy between their romantic partners.

The things every teenager should know about sexting is are as follows:

1. It is easy to lose control of sexts

Teenagers usually sext with a person they have a romantic interest in. They trust the person enough to not share the content with anyone else. However, sexts can be shared with more than one person. The receiver may show it to their friends or they may forward it to others. In some cases, they may even share it publicly on the internet. Once the sender sends a sext message or an image, he/she loses control over it.

2. Some sexting is illegal

If the image or video includes a person who is minor, then there may be a charge of possessing child pornography. Furthermore, the legal ramification of sexting varies from region to region. The law may change with the changing technology and so, the things that were not considered an offense before would be an offense in the future.

3. Sexting has a risk of being victimized

Sexting puts the reputation of teens at risk and can lead to embarrassment. Teenagers who are sexts are also at the risk of sexually bullying or slut-shaming. They may fall prey to blackmails.
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