It’s conceivable that they still have feelings for you but believe it’s better to call it quits. Here are several indications that your ex still loves you but wants to end the relationship.

People are reluctant to let go of specific possessions: If your ex saves things that remind them of you, such as presents or keepsakes, it might be an indication that they still love you. But, if they insist on returning items that are meaningful to you, it may signal that they are attempting to move on.

They continue regular communication: Even after the split, your ex may contact you regularly. They may be calling to see how you’re doing or simply to converse. While this might indicate that they still have feelings for you, it could also indicate that they are still dealing with the breakup and want closure.

They are still interested in your life: If your ex continues to inquire about your life, such as your career or interests, it may indicate that they still care about you. They may even go out of their way to attend crucial events for you.

They discuss the future: If your ex discusses future plans with you, like traveling or attending events together, this might suggest that they still want to get back together. If they are just sharing these plans with you as friends, it might imply that they are attempting to develop a new dynamic with you.