Are you reaping the benefits of doubts? Do you feel as if you’ve been left out? If you believe your partner is doing these things, it is time to end your relationship.

Here are signs that show that she texts you only when she is bored and it’s time to break up

1. She texts you during the day’s least busy hours

You’re well aware of the time of day in question. Wednesday vent hour, that post-lunch hour, and so on. Take the clue if she only contacts you late at night because she can’t sleep. She is probably bored.

2. She will not respond quickly

While she may expect you to respond to her texts immediately and give you the silent treatment if you don’t, you frequently find her ignoring your texts and calls on a daily basis.

3. She stops asking you about your day

She never asks about your day or what you did over the holiday, although her texts always start with a bland ‘what’s up.’

4. She stops talking in the middle of the conversation

She stops responding while you’re waiting for the next response or a text that would allow you to have an actual conversation for once.

5. She avoids plans that involve you

If you’re the one who’s always making plans to meet or spend time together with her and she never makes any plans on her own, it’s time to call it quits and move on. Know your worth and know that there is nothing in the world that can make you feel belittled.

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