1. He texts you during the slowest hour of the day

You know exactly what time of the day those are, the post-lunch, sleeplessness 0’clock and so on. Plus he only texts you late at night because he can’t sleep or he is the board so take this as a hint.

2. He doesn’t reply to your text as eagerly

Now while he might ask you to respond to his text every time and give you the cold shoulder when you don’t. You often notice him ignoring your text and call every other day. What’s more terrible than seeing him online and still not got a reply to your text.

3. He never makes plans

Regular calls and chats, as limited as they might be, still satisfy you. However, one thing that may soon feel like a task is that you are the one who is always making plans to meet or hang out. While he never initiates any plan by himself.

4. Breaks plans regularly

Even with the plans, he approves of, he breaks out at the last minute or cancels them repeatedly. It can mean that he doesn’t want to go out with you or he is bored with you.

5. The Mr. India behavior

He will talk for a while and ghost you for many days, no texts, no calls. And unexpectedly one day he will call you as if nothing has happened. Take this as a hint that he talking to you just for the sake of talking and not because he wants to talk to you.

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