There isn’t a single cause why couples break up? Every relationship is unique, and no two marriages are same in the way they terminate. However, many of these breakdowns have a common thread — betrayal of trust, unending criticism, and communication breakdowns — which cause a once-firm foundation to crumble. And such cracks could indicate that a divorce is on the way.

Here are signs that shows your marriage is heading for a divorce:

  1. Not being happy in the relationship

Is your partner frequently dishonest, shut down, judgmental, or aggressive? Or if you believe your partner is unresponsive, lethargic, and you can’t agree on anything? Being unhappy is a strong indication that something isn’t right.

  1. You come up with a way to avoid your partner

Do you stay in the car when you get home from work and avoid going inside? Do you feel compelled to spend more time with your friends or family? This could indicate that things have drastically changed on your end.

  1. You live in a roommate environment

 He sleeps in one room while you sleep in another. When he returns from a long vacation, you’re unconcerned and barely recognize each other. You both live different lives and are quite content with it. This could be a sign that your marriage is failing.

  1. A drastic change in behavior

There could be a ‘outside reason’ for one partner losing a lot of weight and taking a fresh interest in their looks, as well as starting to spend a lot of time away from home.

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