You Work According to His Timetable

If he frequently cancels arrangements with you or offers you insufficient time, it is a strong indication that he is uninterested in you. If you do things according to his time and schedule, he will not regard you to be a priority.

He Isn’t Interested in Your Life

He might ask you basic questions about your life and then forget about it because you aren’t a significant figure in his life. He is hesitant to socialize with your friends or family.

Emotional Ups and Downs

If the extremely cool guy you met is either moody or thrilled all of the time and never appears to have a normal day with you. There will be moments when he ignores you, gets furious with you, or just hangs out with you.

He only appears when he requires your assistance.

If a person is only around you when he needs something from you, it’s a sure clue he’s playing with your emotions. A person who cares about you and your heart would never do such a thing.

He despises being questioned.

A true gentleman who values you will seize the chance to open up to a girl. It’s a red signal for your heart if that really cool guy is afraid to answer the inquiries.

Instills in you a sense of insecurity

He says things that make you doubt yourself and your value as a person. A true gentleman would always treat a woman with respect and make her feel good about herself.

Promises aren’t kept

In order to convince you to do things for him, he will tell you anything and everything. He’ll say he’ll take you out on a date but then fail to show up.

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