Check out the five signs he’s already starting to take you seriously:

1. He’s talking about the future

His thoughts when he’s talking about future plans and always includes you in the plan. This is one of the easiest and most efficient ways to figure out if he really takes the bond seriously. He thinks ahead and sees you right next to him on every plan!

2. He prioritizes you

If you feel you don’t need to think about text messages, phone calls, or weekend plans because you are already prioritized. We only overthink when we don’t know how we fit into someone’s life because it is not consistent. However, if he calls when he says he will, texts you consistently, and is the one initiating plans then he is actively partaking in building and growing the bond between the two of you.

3. He is himself around you

If he is vulnerable around you or shows you a goofier side than his friends and you feel he is his most comfortable self with you, then he is surely serious about you.

4. He introduces you to friends and family

When a man takes this step, it means that he is happy that things are going on, cares about the bonds you share, wants the people closest to him to know this, and wants you to know too.

5. He wants you to run to him

If he is always there for you and makes time for you when you have a problem or need advice, he wants to be the person you run to. He wants to create a space where you can face each other at any time. And isn’t it a definition of what a partnership really is?

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