With the passage of time, you may feel that you are losing control over your relationship; on the other hand, your partner controls the relationship. However, the dominance of one partner over the relationship is healthy until it takes a toxic turn. This leads to suffocation and imbalance in the relationship.

Signs Your Partner Is Dominating

1) Controlling Behaviour

When your partner dominates your relationship, they will try to control you. They will order what you have to do and what you don’t and interfere with all decisions and activities. Such behavior makes the other person feel suffocated and may become a reason for endless fights.

2) Making Decisions

Another sign is when your partner doesn’t ask you before deciding whether it’s their thing. They try to control your life and everything you do, which turns out to be toxic for the other person.

3) Isolating

A dominant partner will try that you should not spend time with anyone else but only with them. And when you communicate with others, they feel jealous. They think you belong to them and isolate you from your family and friends.

4) Possessiveness

In a relationship, you may feel possessive at times. But making your partner suffer because of your possessiveness becomes toxic for your relationship. This makes the other person untrustworthy.

5) Manipulation

The dominant partner will always try to change your opinion if it differs from theirs. They will manipulate your thinking process to prove that whatever you think is not right and you should follow them.