When you end a relationship, the question that pops up is, can you still be best friends with your former partner after a breakup? Well, dating experts believe that a couple after a breakup can continue to be friends if they have built a strong foundation of friendship before starting a romantic relationship. Although, it is achievable only in some cases. There are many former couples who have continued to maintain their friendship even after a painful breakup because they know the downfall of their romantic relationship and still hold respect and understanding towards each other. According to dating experts, people can be best friends with their exes if they both admit that they do not want to continue with their relationship and come to a mutual understanding of just being friends.

After a breakup, it’s common for people to not want to keep in touch with their ex-partners because they need time to heal and move on. They have a difficult time accepting the idea that the person they had an intimate relationship with would now be a friendly stranger. You should take into account the reality that the breakup occurred because there was a lack of unanimity if you are having trouble moving on or think that remaining close to your ex will help you make amends. If it had broken down because of trust concerns and you tried to rekindle it, it could spell disaster for you. Although it can be difficult to let go of someone you love, it is important to remain strong and use caution when doing so. You must therefore set boundaries with each other if you want to maintain a healthy friendship with your ex.

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