One night-stands are a way of learning a lot more about yourself and they are not always bad.

Here are some of the pros and cons of one night-stand.


· No Emotional involvement

One of the biggest pros of one night stands is that there is no emotional involvement. If you are looking not to be emotionally involved or not to be yourself for a night, then one night-stands are your thing.

· Ego Boost

One night stands are a great way of boosting your ego as it shows that someone wanted you so badly that just to be with you they gave up their night. One night stands are ego boosters.

· Feeling liberated

After ending a terrible relationship or freeing yourself from a strapped relationship you’d feel liberated but one night stand would offer you a complete liberation.


· Likely to become attached

If you are connected with a person in any type of way and you have a one night stand with him or her then there are high chances of you becoming attached to them. You need to be aware of it as it happens to many people.

· Becomes a habit

If you are not in a relationship then one night stand can become addictive. If you start liking the thrill of someone you don’t know then this habit becomes difficult to break.

· Risk of STDs

There is always a risk of STDs in case of one night stand. You need to make sure that you are safe, if you are going through with one night stand.

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