Serial daters have a thrill for chase and they are addicted to the power dynamic which means to have an upper hand. Some enjoy breaking up with people because they are afraid of rejection. They are never the ones to settle down because they like to chase.

Here are some of the negative effects of being a serial dater.

1. There is barely any connection

Usually, the point of dating is to have someone to spend a serious amount of time with and dating multiple people at a time would leave you wondering why you are dating them in the first place. Although you might enjoy the person’s company but can’t really feel any sort of connection.

2. You’d be juggling rather than enjoying

When you juggle with more one than one person, it can get difficult to manage. If you have 3 dates planned in a day, you’d be constantly figuring out how to manage it. For instance, if you are on a movie date, you’d keep checking your time to ensure that you are not running over time for the next date and wouldn’t enjoy your movie date.

3. It sucks when it is over

Even though you weren’t exclusive with the people you are dating, when a relationship ends it sucks. When the person discovers that you’ve been dating multiple people while you two have been together, that turns out to be the hardest part.

It makes people believe that you are capable of lying and cheating.

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