People often get confused between love and relationship. And this might leave them hanging. Many of us may think the two things as the same, but it’s not the case. Love and relationship are two different things on the same coin. Love is an emotion, while the relationship is a bond between the two partners.

Today let’s clear your confusion between love and relationship.

What Is Love In Simple?

Love is a strong emotion of affection. A person feels strong attachment, admiration, care, and other things. It’s like the feeling of butterflies in the stomach. It is often connected with romance, but it can be felt for friends, family, pets, or anything that is close or dear to you. Love is very personal, and everyone has different and unique experiences about it. Different kinds of love exist, like Parents Love, Friendship Love, Crush, Romantic Love, etc.

What Is Relationship?

Well, a relationship is defined as a mutual connection between two people. It is the interdependence between the two people for emotional, physical, financial, or other needs. While the nature of the relationship depends upon the type of people involved and the kind of connection they share. In contrast, you can build a strong relationship through trust, honesty, communication, support, togetherness, and compatibility.

In conclusion, the difference between love and a relationship is that you can love anyone, but to be in a relationship, the two people need commitment.