Being in love with someone is a special feeling. Everything seems beautiful when you are in love with someone, and the other one also likes you. However, people often end up ruining their relationships due to a lack of understanding and knowledge to behave in a relationship. A relationship is built on trust, honesty, love, care and other thing. By leaving these things, you can make your relationship stronger.

1) Ego: It’s the bug that will ruin everything. You should avoid the urge to always be right or superior to the other in your relationship.

2) Toxic Communication: To improve your relationship, avoid communication that may make the other feel dull or disrespected. Don’t involve criticism, stonewalling, or contempt.

3) Scorekeeping: Don’t keep track of mistakes or shortcomings. Rather believe in forgiveness, understanding and moving on.

4) Holding Grudges And Unrealistic Expectations: You should believe in understanding and forgetting the mistakes rather than holding them for too long and bothering both of you. Also, don’t expect things which are not possible in real life.

5) Lack Of Quality Time And Emotional Availablity: You must spend good quality time with your partner to make them feel wanted and try to be available for your partner whenever they need you emotionally.