We are from the generation where everything is online, from shopping groceries to finding a partner. Various dating apps like Tinder, Hinge, Bumble, Ok Cupid have been curated especially for people to meet online. Thanks to these apps we cross paths with a lot of people who we wouldn’t have otherwise. Although the chances of meeting a new potential person are higher, the quest to find Mr. Right is always there and you find yourself endlessly swiping through people’s profiles until you hit a match. But to have a love story and find someone to actually date is far far away than just matching with them on dating apps. Apart from just their looks, based on which you swiped right, there are a couple of things that individuals look out for before they start seeing someone. Seeing if the both of you click, compatibility, having the same kind and level of sense of humor, etc are a few of the many things that people look out for before they actually start dating.

Though technology has improved our chances of finding someone, it also has a few downsides to it. Earlier people met people through their daily life social interactions. Love at first sight was a thing. Meeting someone randomly and falling in love with them at first sight, trying to get to know them, taking things slow we were a thing before. But today these dating apps have somehow changed the idea of love and relationships. Looking for someone for a causal relationship has become a thing with these dating apps. Gone are the days of taking things slow.

Gone are the days of finding love the old-fashioned way. But there are people out there who still believe in old-school love. They believe in meeting their soul mates the old-fashioned way and keep themselves averse from the modern way of meeting someone today! So in this century where everyone is looking out for dates online, love, at first sight, is still a thing for a few handful of people.

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