It is in human nature to fantasize, whether it be daydreaming of setting off to an island or fantasizing about someone. Fantasies are just the mental images that are not often acted upon and they are considered healthy as they are one of the ways of relieving stress.

These mental images are sexually arousing or erotic and they are deemed to be normal. It is believed that they depict your psychological needs and desires in times of distress or when you are yearning for something that you are not getting in a relationship. It is better to express those needs and desires to your partner or else it can lead to acting out or resentments.

In marriage, people are comfortable with their spouse and their imagination tends to run wild about their partner making them happy and content in their married life. Fantasizing about your spouse is effective in married life as they intentionally take efforts to spend time with their partners.

Experts say that although fantasizing about someone other than your partner is normal, overdoing it can cause troubled relationships. Additionally, it is believed that people who fantasize about others have open personalities and they are open to new experiences.

During a stressful period with your long term partner, fantasies about others become more frequent and can be dangerous to your ongoing relationship. When people stop fantasizing about their spouse, there are high chances they may not part-take in the behaviour that benefits the relationship.

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