Men hardly reveal their secret desires to the women in their lives and though everyone has varied needs and desires there are some moves and attitudes that most men want.
If you want to make a man go wild for you, then here are some ways which will help you.

1. Being unapologetically confident

Are you aware of what the sexiest thing in the world is? It is a lady who is stunningly confident. Someone who takes power in a situation knows who she is and what she prefers. So if you want to seduce and attract your man, first you need to be confident in who you are.

2. Flirting through touch

You don’t have to lazily drag a fingernail along your partner’s arm or play with his ears every time. But what you can do is just stand a little too close to your partner, being a little touchy with him. The slightest touch can have a vast impact on how rapidly your partner’s heart pounds when you’re around you. These tiny levels of flirting can make him go wild for you.

3. Making eye contact

Many people don’t make eye contact when they interact with others. That’s why it’s such an intimate and best thing to do and this eye contact can catch your partner’s attention. It doesn’t mean that you have to stare at him creepily for a long time. But it’s more about weaving lingering eye contact into everyday interactions.

4. Spring a surprise

For men, it is a huge ego boost to know that you want him too. Surprising him with a random seduction act can win him.

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