First of all, once you see your girlfriend having trouble with her life, try to hug her and talk to her clearly about it. Try to motivate her and listen to her problems. Let her know that she can be honest with you and tell you everything and that it’s safe to talk to you about anything and everything that is troubling her. If she is already told you about it in past then give her few hints about it and try to let her open in front of you. Sometimes she is just going through her period mood swings, just bare with it. Let her know that you are there for her and that you care for her, and how much you think of her betterment. Try to create a mood and show her that you are being fully into her. Avoid the surroundings and try to take her to a quiet and open space to make her feel good.

Sometimes all she needs is to open up to someone, be that someone, never leave her alone. Listen closely and try to understand and listen to things she is saying and also the things she is not able to say. Have keen attention to her gestures. Try to figure out and find a solution to all this. Never tell her she is wrong, about the thoughts and her thinking. Know that every person is different in their way, and never try to judge it. Whatever she is thinking is her true perception and knowledge about the situation. Only she can think of the situation her min and heart is wanting, you can only try to understand it but can’t feel it. So do not stress over that fact. Be fully present with her, it doesn’t matter what time of day, doesn’t matter if she is asking for it or not, what matters is for her to feel safe and protected.

Try to avoid giving your judgments and your views and advice first, try to let her open up completely. While she is talking try to acknowledge her feelings and her words. Do not interrupt her with your problems, hug her tightly to make her feel safe. Kiss her forehead and let her know you care for her and you support her. Be ready to wipe some tears and do not blame her for crying, let her do so. You can hear some songs together to let the stress and the pain go away or try to just hug and rub her hands. Hope all this really helps you out and be ready for the truths as well, if she doesn’t want further things like marriage with you or if she wants a future with you. Be prepared for it and do not freak out yourself, try to take it calmly.