It can be difficult and traumatic to leave a toxic relationship, especially if you still have affection for your partner. However, it is crucial to place a high priority on your health and to take precautions to keep yourself safe. The following actions can be taken even if you still love your spouse to leave a toxic relationship:

Realize the relationship is unhealthy and not good for you: The first step is to recognize the connection is unhealthy and not good for you. This could be challenging, mainly if you’ve been in the relationship for a while or have put a lot of emotion into it.

Establish a support network: It’s critical to surround yourself with others who genuinely care about you. For example, discuss your struggles with your family, friends, or a therapist. This might offer you perspective and the power to make the required adjustments.

Set boundaries: Decide on your limits and let your spouse know what they are by setting boundaries. This may entail restricting contact, designating specified hours for communication, or avoiding particular subjects.

Plan ahead: Determine the actions you must take to end the connection. This might entail locating housing, securing employment, or acquiring legal counsel.

Take Action: Once you have a plan, act to put it into practice. You could find this challenging and feel bad or depressed, but remember you are working in your best interests.

Practice self-care: Self-care is essential during this time, so do your best to take care of yourself. Ensure you eat a good diet, exercise, sleep, and partake in enjoyable activities.

It may take some time to recover after ending a toxic relationship, so keep that in mind while you try to do it. Know that you deserve to be in a happy, healthy relationship, and practise patience and self-kindness with yourself.