Do you want to be the decade’s finest kisser? I do, however, have some pretty incredible advice for making your lover fall in love with your kisses.

1. Lip moisturization

Chapped lips are not acceptable! Before leaning in for a kiss, make sure to apply some lip balm. If you don’t have one, drinking water will do just fine!

2. Minty Breath

Minty breath has the ability to draw lips together like a magnet. Therefore, always keep a minty candy or piece of gum with you.

3. Adhere to Their Lead

Pay close attention to what your partner does. If they pause, give them a soft kiss in return. Respond to their overly passionate nature with like zeal.

4. Make Kissing Simple

While kissing, try not to think too much about some tricks. Rather, stay in the present and let things move naturally.

5. Avoid Hickeys at all costs

Hickeys could seem like a terrific alternative, but if you want to improve as a kisser, avoid using them. Hickey can hold up until later!

6. Kiss everything

Remember that kissing involves more than simply the lips. Enjoy a satisfying makeout session without neglecting the cheeks, collarbones, neck, or earlobes. There are times when stopping and looking at each other can make the experience exciting.

7. Shut your eyes

One sensation being blocked off often makes the other senses more acute. Kissing will become more passionate if you close your eyes.

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