In a healthy relationship, respect, love, time, concern, communication, individuality etc., play an important role. These things help run the relationship smoothly, and even if any obstacles appear, they can be handled by togetherness. But sometimes different individuality brings different opinions which sometimes may clash. And in these instances, your partner’s sentiments or emotions may get hurt. And to maintain a balance in your relationship, here are things you should do.

Open Communication: As with every other bond in a relationship, communication is critical. Talk freely with your partner and allow them to speak their heart, making the other feel valued and respected.

Praising: In every relationship honouring the other’s existence, their achievements and appreciating their efforts toward you helps to build a firm root of your relationship.

Limits: Every relationship should have boundaries which allow the other to behave in a certain way and limit to not accepting rude or disrespectful comments. Be very clear and concise with your expectations and communication.

Counselling: If nothing works out, pride has become a constant issue in your life. You must take counselling to help you understand what makes you think that pride has become an issue.

In conclusion, with the help of communication, understanding, and support can help your partner feel valued. In addition, solving the issue will build your relationship more robust and better.