An open relationship means the type of relationship where two individuals are dating each other and at the same time are able to date others as well. However, the time period of these types of relationships can depend on different people, their conditions, desires, and needs.

In some open relationships, individuals may last for a few months or years while some last for decades. However, the success of an open relationship depends on communication, genuineness between the two, and respect towards each other.

As per a study from the Journal of Sex Research revealed that the estimated time of an open relationship was a maximum of two years. However, it is necessary to understand that the study says only people who self-identified as being in consensual non-monogamous relationships and not the example of all open relationships.

The time period of such relationships depends on different individuals and their commitments. This type of relationship is not suitable for everyone. Open relationships require trust, communication, and respect and it doesn’t work for everyone.

So before getting into this type of relationship one must be ready to understand everything it takes.