Couples wait for a variety of amounts of time before getting married after becoming engaged, based on their personal preferences, cultural expectations, financial status, and religious views, among other things. Typically, engaged couples wait anywhere from six months to two years before getting married.

One of the important factors that can impact how long a couple waits to be married is their fiscal situation. Marriage can be expensive, thus some couples may bear some time to accumulate finances for the child and their unborn together. Couples may decide to put off getting hitched until they’re in a more secure fiscal position.

It can also have a significant effect on how long a couple waits to be married and what religion they follow.
In certain religions, engaged couples must wait a set period of time before being hitched, or they may need to take premarital education or counseling first. This may extend the interval between being engaged and getting married.

The length of time a couple waits to get married also depends on their particular desire. Some couples may opt to put off planning their dream wedding in order to enjoy being engaged. Others might choose an expedited wedding and a brief engagement.

The duration between becoming engaged and getting married may vary depending on cultural customs. While it’s customary for couples to wait several years before getting married in some cultures, this isn’t always the case. In other cultures, engagement can lead to marriage very quickly.

Eventually, marriage differs from person to person and their needs. We can’t claim any judgment on it.