Do you have a good time with your partner? Do you get a good vibe from them? According to a study, a happy partner might keep your brain sharper in the long run. Yes, according to a Michigan State University study, having an optimistic partner is the secret to having a better mind as you age.

According to the findings of the study, having an optimistic partner is associated with improved cognitive function. According to some experts, high amounts of stress can impair decision-making abilities and contribute to memory loss, both of which are important aspects of cognitive function. Because positivity or optimism lowers stress levels, it may aid your brain in doing such duties without difficulty.

Optimism, according to conventional thinking in the field of neuroscience, increases the secretion of dopamine, a neurotransmitter that keeps you joyful and is also responsible for your decision-making abilities. Happiness has been shown to have a good effect on your mind in a variety of ways.

As previously said, viewing the glass half full or having a spouse who does so improves your cognitive abilities. That isn’t all, though. For your health, positivity has more to offer. Immune system booster According to certain studies, those who are optimistic have a better immune system to respiratory viruses than pessimistic people.

You can grow some of your optimism by engaging in healthy everyday activities such as physical fitness, social engagements, and effective communication, among others, in addition to learning from your partner.

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