Even with warning indicators that can appear clear to others, the boundary separating good and unhealthy relationships can be easily crossed and may be difficult to identify.

Here are 5 ways to spot an unhealthy or abusive relationship.

1. A lack of faith
A partner is someone you can trust, confide in, and count on to stand by your side. None of these things are feasible without trust.

2. Acrimonious communication
Overt hostile communication includes the following, according to Southern California-based sex and relationship therapist Kamil Lewis, AMFT:

1. Yelling

2.Name-calling or other offensive languages

3. Breaking and throwing stuff

4. Using your body to exert physical pressure or intimidation

3. Taking charge of actions
Your partner does not have the authority to dictate your behavior or worldview. Threatening loss of anything, like money, time with your kids, or friendship, is one controlling habit to watch out for, says Woodfin.

4. Frequent lying

If your partner lies to you, it shows they don’t see you as a trustworthy and caring companion.

5. No give, no take

It might be a symptom of toxicity if your partner’s happiness repeatedly comes before your needs in your relationship.

6. You sense exhausted

Consider the last time you took care of yourself, connected with a loved one in some way, or had a good night’s sleep.

7. You’re rationalizing their actions.

Do you frequently find yourself having to stand up for your partner?

While it’s simple to revert to the attitude that “you don’t know them as I do,” an objective eye from someone you know loves you, such as a friend or family member you can rely on, may be able to notice your partner’s flaws that are difficult for you to admit.

Source: insider

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