Ups and downs in a relationship in part and parcel of life. And so the advice comes from your family, friends or close ones. Even though they are not a relationship expert or counsellors to understand your bond with your partner but they give their advice on their thinking and experiences. And you are very much likely to take them seriously and behave accordingly. However, the unnecessary gyaan you get from all those people sometimes becomes the reason behind your relationship falling apart.

Here now, people’s advice affects your relationship.

The people who advise you are only fully aware of your behaviour and how you feel. They will advise you for anything only thinking about and not the other person involved. Also, they don’t monitor whether you are wrong or the other person. And in this process, you may hurt your partner.

When you take advice from others and make decisions about your relationship, you cannot blame the other person for whatever you suffer because you decided to do what you want. And you are responsible for it.

Also, you know your man or woman better than anyone else, so before taking decisions as per the advice of others, try to understand the situation and make things better by communication.

In conclusion, you should choose to communicate and resolve rather than make a decision you may regret.