The biggest drawback of a relationship is going through a terrible time after a breakup if the relationship doesn’t work. A person loses his identity after a breakup. Nothing in the world makes sense to him anymore. If it wasn’t for binge-watching TV shows, music and getting drunk, breakups would be impossible to get over with. But with time we accept our feelings and learn to let go of the past. The journey to get over a breakup can be horrible but it still leaves a stain behind that will never fade. Your past breakups make you rethink every decision and affect your next relationship mainly.

After a breakup, it is surely very difficult to get int a new relationship. Forgetting the person, you loved and adored the most is not easy. But even when you do move on and try a new relationship with another person you like, the effects of your past breakup still last. The reason for your breakup plays a major part in this. If you broke up because your partner cheated on you, you deceived you in some way, you become extra careful in your next relationship. Being careful may sound good but it actually has negative effects on your present relationship. You doubt your partner in every step of your progressing relationship. Because your trust was broken, it becomes very difficult to trust someone again with the same intensity. You try to avoid the mistakes you made in your past and forget to focus on your relationship at hand. You do everything and react to everything with respect to your past relationship which can bother your partner.

Once someone breaks your heart you totally lose confidence in love and try to not give your heart to someone anymore. You don’t care about your feelings anymore. Your main priority in any relationship becomes that you should not face another heartbreak. Effects of a breakup may not last for life but it does leave a scar behind. Things like these are what makes a relationship so complex and difficult to understand.