Never underestimate the power of a flirtatious and sweet good-night message to warm his heart. A few words of affection sent as a goodnight message can make a huge difference. Make a habit of sending a goodnight greeting to your lover, no matter how close or far apart you reside, to enhance your love relationship.

Here are some goodnight texts you can send to make him smile

1. I can’t wait to quit texting you goodnight and just whisper it into your ear instead.

2. I wish I could doze off in your arms.

3. The longer you are away from me, the more difficult it is for me to fall asleep.

4. I’m hoping to dream of you tonight since I don’t believe I’ll be able to stand being separated from you for eight hours.

5. It’s freezing here; I wish we could all get together and warm up.

6. Sweet dreams… I’ve got you and only you in my heart.

7. I’m exhausted. But I don’t want to end our conversation.

8. Because I’m texting my ideal boyfriend, I feel like I’m already dreaming.

9. Have you had a chance to look at the moon tonight? It’s almost as beautiful as you.

10. Just so you know, I’ve been sitting in bed, replaying in my thoughts the great day we had.

11. Why should I make an effort to sleep? I’m already living my fantasy.

12. I just went over some of your texts again. Right now, I’m literally grinning at my phone.

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