Owning up to your feelings and expressing them isn’t always a good idea. To make your partner believe how wonderful you are, you may need to play hard to get at times. Only a few people are capable of turning every love confession into a chase. For some people, the desire to appear uninterested even while they are experiencing tremendous emotions is second nature. Let’s take a look at the zodiac signs that are notorious for playing hard to get.

1. Gemini

They can be extremely indecisive when it comes to their feelings. As a result, they may unwittingly play too hard to get. They may be quite gregarious with everyone, but when it comes to matters of the heart, they will not be easily swayed. They’ll make sure their partner thinks they’re worth pursuing.

2. Scorpio

When they believe their emotions are taking control of them, they will keep their distance. They will not communicate their sentiments unless they feel at ease and secure with their companion. They are terrified of being wounded by someone they care about. As a result, they prefer to wait until they are certain of the person with whom they are entering a relationship.

3. Sagittarius

Sagittarius keeps that person on the waiting list of their long-term lovers when they sense love stringing their heart. They will never give in easily, primarily because they want to have a good time and avoid experiencing any kind of heartbreak. They love the thrill of someone chasing them for love.

4. Capricorn

They are happiest when they are alone because it allows them to develop as individuals. They enjoy working and are dedicated to their profession. Relationships, they believe, are a waste of time before attaining anything significant.

5. Aquarius

They are usually conflicted about love. They may appear to care about their partner, yet they may feel imprisoned in the relationship the next instant. They want to be the dominant party in the relationship to control the strings. And, to be the one in charge, they must play hard to get.

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