Birthdays are specials and one should always celebrate them. If you want to celebrate your girlfriend’s birthday, then here are some amazing ideas you should give it a try.

1. Be the first to wish her

A girl expects her boyfriend to be the first to wish her. Even if you wish her in a most decent way, she’d be smiling throughout the day even if you don’t plan a surprise for her.

2. Breakfast in the bed

Girls love when guys cook for them. So, you can surprise her on her birthday by cooking her favorite breakfast and offering it to her in bed.

3. Candlelight dinner

A candlelight dinner date is the best way to surprise her on her birthday as girls are fans of candlelight dinners. You can either book a restaurant, park, beach or a date near a pool. Ensure that the place is comfortable for both of you to go.

4. Send her random notes every hour

Writing her cute notes and sending them to her every hour would add colors to her birthday. Make sure to write about a special memory or something special about her.

5. Take her on a date

Without giving her any hint, you can take her out on a date. Pay attention to her choices and she’d be impressed by you.

6. Harley ride

Surprise her by taking her on a long drive on Harley Davidson or just a normal road trip to take her away from the monotonous life.
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