Your body goes through remarkable changes to accommodate the newest member of your family, including bigger boobs, a broader tummy, and swollen ankles. Throughout this metamorphosis, your connection with the man outside of your womb will also alter. Simply said, being in love while pregnant may be challenging.

You might not agree on everything.

You start to feel maternal as soon as you notice that additional line on the plastic stick. Also, your body sends you subtle cues that attest to your recent appointment. Until science catches up with science fiction, your companion doesn’t experience any of those bodily symptoms and likely never will. It implies that he might not feel like a parent until he touches that little bundle of joy for the first time.

Sex may decline significantly.
As most women experience nausea, fatigue, and general yuckiness in the first trimester, romance frequently takes a backseat. Being active in bed may seem more difficult to arrange as the months pass and your bump grows, but it’s crucial to make it happen.

You’ll get possessive.
Your emotions may be profoundly affected by the pregnant chemicals flooding your body, leading to feelings of terror. Because of this concern, women frequently place weird and unreasonable expectations on their spouses, such as requiring them to wear helmets when driving or check in every 30 minutes. Don’t worry; this mad woman will disappear back into her cave of origin as your pregnancy goes on. It might be wise to let your spouse know in the interim. Inform him that you’re experiencing a lot of need right now and would appreciate it if he gave you extra hugs and attention.