Life is equal to mathematics in which you need to formulae that are exclusive to you in order to work your life. A career is the same way. A well-planned-out career is critical to living a fulfilled & happy life.

Parents who went through this process can help their children in avoiding career mistakes. They must act as facilitators rather than influencers. Therefore, the role of parents in our lives is quite significant & valuable.

On the one hand, a parent’s experience can help in professional selection, but on the other side, it can also obstruct it.

Although if parents have been gone through this process, times are not same now, and their children now live in a totally different environment, and their choices don’t always correspond to today’s reality.

Here are do’s & don’ts for parents while selecting their career for their child


• Assess your child’s abilities, strengths, and limitations.

• Assist your child in finding his or her own interest.

• Encourage your child to pursue his or her interest

• Inform your child about all facets of the profession.

• Associating with specialists in the sector can help the child grasp the work-life in the chosen job.

• Prevent your child from succumbing to peer pressure and the herd mentality.

• Gain your child’s trust and encourage them to talk to you about their concerns.

• When expert assistance is required, seek it.


• Instead of dictating a child’s decision, assist them in making an informed one.

• Don’t put unrealistic expectations on the child.

• When interacting with children, don’t be impatient.

• The scope of your career varies throughout time; do not try to impose ideas or viewpoints that were prevalent at the time.

• Do not lead the youngster astray by encouraging him or her to pursue a vocation of your choosing.

• If you are unsure about something, don’t answer a child’s question. It’s fine to take your time, do some research, or seek professional assistance.

• Allowing others (friends, extended family, or relatives) to influence your child’s profession choice is not a good idea.

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