Parenting is never easy and parents are always striving to raise a better and well-mannered kid. In doing so, they often opt for spanking, corporate punishments, or detentions as a way of disciplining them.

At times, children fall victim to the frustration and stress of parents which results in hitting and other aggressive behavior. In such cases, the mental health of the child gets neglected. They develop antisocial behavior, aggression, cause self-harm and suffer from mental health issues at a very young age.

The downfall of physical punishment are as follows;

  • Children’s self-esteem gets tapered due to a lack of understanding from parents. They find ways to resolve any mental or behavioral issues without much guidance from the guardian. This damages the overall progress and development of a child.
  • Kids often face unnecessary physical punishments leaving them confused and, without much explanation leaves them agitated.
  • In their growing years, instead of learning important valuable skills, they form their own opinion on how to behave. They undergo serious emotional trauma and experience a strong level of aggression.

Better Alternative for spankings are

  • Ignoring mild misbehavior of children like whining or complaining. Respond only when they ask politely which will help them to learn polite behavior.
  • Praising your child for good behavior encourages them to maintain discipline and behave in a well-mannered way.
  • Give them a chance to learn from their own mistakes and bear the consequences. Keep an eye on them so that they don’t cause themselves any harm.

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