Brothers and sisters are the siblings. This bond is unique and shares an amazing relationship. In contrast, the relationship and status between brothers and sisters differ from person to person. Some are like friends, some are like guides, and some prove to be solid pillars for the other. Here, we share different types of sibling bonds.

1) The Protector: This kind of brother or sister is the sibling who is very protective towards their younger siblings, or sometimes the younger one protects the elder one. They will often shout for your benefit but will not allow others to say anything. They are the shield for their siblings.

3) The BFFS: This kind of sibling bond is precious. Here, both the people are very open and comfortable to share the good and bad experiences. They act as best friends forever who will always be there no matter what the situation is.

4) The Bully: The Bully siblings are those who often fight with each other or taunt the younger ones for their incapability to do things. However, sometimes, it gets abusive and violent. And it is harmful for your mental health.

5) The Pacemaker: This kind of sibling is the one who will make you understand the point of the other and then analyze the situation. They know how to protect you from others and how to make you understand others’ opinions.