Love has no boundaries. When you fall in love with a person, you don’t look for anything else except for that person. However, with time, the definition of love has changed, and it depends from person to person. So here are some different types of relationships in the modern generation.

1) The Denial Relationship: This couple has been in love for years, and everyone knows about their feelings for each other, but they still don’t accept the idea of being together, though they are inseparable.

2) PDA Couple: There is nothing wrong with showing your affection a little more. But this type of couple can’t resist themselves no matter where they are. They are always ready to show love for each other.

3) Open-relationship: This kind of couple is very much in love with each other and is also together. They keep faith in each other and allow each other to indulge with someone else, too. Yes, this is shocking, but such couples exist.

4) Friends With Benefits: You may find it weird, but yes. Some couples are just good friends but with extra benefits. In this relationship, the couple doesn’t believe in emotions and commitments.

5) Opposite Attracts: This couple is totally opposite to each other in terms of their habits and choices, and for them, this is the most amazing aspect that attracts them towards each other. It’s interesting to see how two different people come together and manage things.

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