Dating and relationships are very serious things. However, people nowadays think it is just a time pass thing. Being with someone needs effort and loyalty. While often, it happens that we love someone, but the person doesn’t love us back. In this situation, that person may be with you but still not be with you. It is you who have to understand what is better for you.

In a relationship where you truly love someone, you give your time, money, effort, and everything. But you don’t get anything in return; this becomes very toxic and annoying for you after a certain point in time. Such a relationship drains energy and makes one suffer. It is always better to walk out of such a relationship and choose yourself and promote self love.

When you choose a person who loves you rather than the person you love, it helps you in many ways. The one who loves you will do everything to make you smile. Your happiness becomes their priority. And this will make you feel happy as there will only be things that you like and love. And slowly, you will learn to not just love yourself but the other too. Though it may be difficult, it’s better and respectful.

In conclusion, dating a person who values you and appreciates you will make you feel better than being in a relationship where only you are there.