Everyone has their family doctor, who they go to when they are sick. If you have a family doctor, but you feel like you are developing feelings for him/her, and you want to ask them on a date, you might find it difficult but it is not impossible. Some tips might help you.

Here are the tips to ask your doctor on a date.

1. Be sure he is single

The first and most important thing to keep in mind is to be sure that the doctor is single because you don’t want to spoil someone’s relationship or you don’t want to make a fool of yourself by asking a doctor out who is already dating someone. So be sure he is single.

2. Smile

A smile can be a good start for your flirting action. Greeting your doctor with a smile, emits a good vibe and makes you both feel comfortable immediately. But don’t go on smiling continuously, it may make you look weird.

3. Let the doctor know that you’re single and available

So some indirect signs or say something which will indirectly make your doctor know that you are single and he can contact you.

4. Find a common interest

Look around your doctor’s cabin and learn a common interest. When you find one, be happy that you two have something in common and talk more about your common interest whenever you meet the doctor.

5. The flirt laugh

You need to go with the flow a little bit and convince your doctor to also make a move. Laughing flirtatiously is an incredible way to make it noticeable that you’re attracted to him/her.

6. Flatter your Doctor

Nothing can compare to a sincere compliment to flatter anyone. Throw some genuine compliments properly and it will improve your possibilities of dating your doctor.

7. A slight touch sends the right signals

When the doctor hands your prescription, use your finger to touch his or her hand slightly. A light touch is sufficient to show that you trust them and that you’re comfortable with them.

8. Ask for his number

And after all this, take his number. Yes, you might have his number if he is your family doctor, but if you don’t then take his number and be confident and message him that you are interested in him.

And don’t be shy, you have already given him signals, ask him out on a date.

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