Well, sex is good for our fitness because of it, our calories are burnt, and it brings us happiness.
You are, of course, uncertain to burn as many calories during sex as during a heavy gym exercise, but workout alone may not be the only reason for weight loss. Engaging yourself in sexual intercourse can also be one of the reasons for your weight loss.

According medical news today report, men burned around an average of 101 calories, and women burn around 69 calories when they have sexual intercourse. The average intensity was more effective than walking but less effective than jogging.
It implies that each time we have sex, it measures toward our 150 minutes of weekly walking, which is suggested by the HSS.

The extent of calories burned during sex varied relatively. At the lower extent, men burned 13 calories and women burned 11.6 calories, while at the top range, men burned 306 calories and women burned 164 calories during sex.

Sexual intercourse improves your heart rate, generates metabolism, and can be easily linked to physical exercise of normal intensity.

When you immerse yourself in sexual intercourse, there are several benefits to arise. One of the important ones to speculate is the release of oxytocin, which generally happens at the end, while you are cuddling with your partner. Cuddling has been known to release this important hormone called oxytocin, which stimulates a good sleep at night.

This is crucial because the absence of sleep has always been related to an increase in your weight, so the better you sleep, the simpler it will be for you to lose weight.

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